Saturday, January 16, 2010

Red Felted Heart.. Surgery and Trust...

Little did I know when I started Red Felted Heart that I would be blogging about my DH's having to have open heart surgery. 

Last week we found out that his mitro valve is not working properly and that he would have to have surgery to repair.  We still consider ourselves newlyweds at three years of marriage. 

We both have been married before, but we did not have Christian marriages.  We are thankful that we had a pure relationship before marriage and that we both know whom we can trust through this storm.  My DH and I met in church singing on our praise team.  We sing together alot for fun at home and this is a song we've sang alot while waiting on God and surgery...


  1. I know you will weather this challenge together. Sending positive, healing thoughts your way.


  2. My prayers go out to your husband for a succesful surgery and a speedy recovery!





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